5 Things to Look For in a Subcontractor

Look For in a Subcontractor

If you’re in the process of building a home or a professional construction project for your business, then it’s important that you choose the right subcontractor for the job. It goes without saying that not all subcontractors are of the same quality.

So, it’s important that you look for the right characteristics to ensure they carry out excellent work. As you’re going through your hiring process looking for a subcontractor, make sure that you look for the following things.

Communication Skills

Chances are you’re going to have your subcontractor on speed dial throughout your construction project, so it’s important that they have solid communication skills. The last thing you want is to hire someone that is extremely unreliable at getting back to you. Don’t be afraid to ask upfront how quick they are at getting back to their clients.

Great Reviews

Regardless of whether you’re hiring a babysitter or a subcontractor, you want to make sure that you look at their online reviews. Previous reviews from people who have worked with them already is a great indication of their quality of work. It’s important that you look for the overall score rather than a few bad reviews painting all the good ones.

You can’t please everyone, so even if you see a few negative comments, make sure that you compare them with the positive ones.

In addition to reading reviews, it’s also helpful to check their listed references. Make sure that you ask all the right questions that are the most important to you. For example, you want to make sure that they are capable of staying within their given budget.


When interviewing potential subcontractors, you want to make sure you verify they take safety extremely seriously. Some of the most common injuries occur on construction sites. Therefore, you want to make sure that you’re working with someone who knows how to take all the right precautions. Look carefully at all of their safety records and ensure that there aren’t any red flags.

Management Skills

A team is only as strong as its leader. In order to make sure that your construction project goes smoothly, you’ll need to ensure that the subcontractor is a strong project manager. Guaranteeing that they have great management skills is something that you should cover early on. Ask their references how well they work with the team and whether they are genuinely engaged in the success of their employees.


Ultimately, you’ll need to find someone that is just as passionate about your project as you are. The more excited that someone seems and genuinely motivated to achieve your vision, the greater success you’ll have in your hiring choice.

By applying these tips and taking your time going through all of your potential choices, you should hire the ideal subcontractor for your project!

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