How Nike App is Powering Foot Locker’s Customer Experiences

Foot Locker Nike experience

Tech-oriented sales strategies are making a beeline for success in almost every industry. Footwear tech is innovative and intuitive. Nike is leveraging the tenets of the latest technologies to improve overall customer experiences at its retail stores. Foot Locker Nike experience showcases the same.

With Nike App at Retail, this prominent footwear retailer has joined forces with the biggest athletic footwear manufacturer. As a result, customers are enjoying immersive and personalised buying experiences.

Here’s what they are offering:

Scan and Buy Products

Nike App is integrating the physical stores into online experiences. With this innovative strategy, customers can make instant payments for items they buy. Also, they can scan items to check if they’re currently in stock—no need to interact with salespeople when everything is available at your fingertips.

At Foot Locker’s retail stores, Nike Products have signs to scan and learn on the NikePlus App. This way, you can scan the barcodes and check the available sizes and colours of products in the store. You can also use this app to reserve a product from the company and pick it up at a Foot Locker store.

Know about Events and Promotions

By following Foot Locker and Nike on social media channels, customers can get information about the latest and exclusive events. You will never miss a launch or sales event. Unique benefits are available to the members of Foot Locker’s VIP Loyalty program and Nike Plus.

Get the latest player edition sneakers on the app before they sell out. For example, the Special Field Air Force-1 Mid OBJ event was made available via Foot Locker App Launch for exclusive members only.

showcase for Limited Edition Items

The best feature of Foot Locker Nike experience is the ShoeCase. After scanning your NikePlus code, you will enter a real-time lottery that gives you a chance to grab the limited-edition Nike shoes before you lose them. Nike refreshes the items in ShoeCase regularly to fuel buyers’ interest.

So, you may find Air Jordans one day and Air Max the next day. To use this feature, scan your code, and the machine will rotate the shoes. It will, then, print a ticket to show if you’ve won the draw and your favourite pair of sneakers.

Get Free Swags

The wonderful experiences of buying Nike products at Foot Locker include Unlock Box. It’s a vending machine where you can scan a QR code attached to your NikePlus profile to win free swags.

At Foot Locker’s retail stores, Unlock Box has accessories like Nike sunglasses, Air Jordan pins, and power banks, to name a few. The items change every few weeks.

Better In-Store Experiences

For elevating customer experiences, Foot Locker and Nike are focusing on hiring new experts for the roles like Nike Pro Leads and Nike Pro Athletes. This will help in creating emotional and personalized buying experiences for the customers.

Deeply knowledgeable associates can drive more sales by building in-depth connections between both the brands and their customers.

With Foot Locker and Nike joining hands, customers can prepare for a seamless, immersive, and exhilarating buying experience. The benefits will increase for the connected membership program.

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