Does Wildfire Defense Spray Actually Work?


If you live in an area of the country which is prone to seasonal wildfires, you should be motivated to do everything possible to defend your home and your property against the possibility of being damaged by the flames. There are some steps you can take which will help to defend your property against wildfire, for instance removing all the debris in your yard which might catch fire, and keeping shrubs and trees away from home.

However, when wildfires strike anywhere in your immediate area, smoke and embers will always be carried a great distance by the winds, and that means your home could easily catch fire even if it’s not in the direct line of the fire itself. If you could find a wildfire defense spray to coat your home and outbuildings with, that could provide you with a measure of protection against flying embers, and possibly even against flames themselves. But do those wildfire defense sprays actually work, and are they effective against wildfire embers and flames?

Does Wildfire Defense Spray Actually Work?

If you had any doubt about the effectiveness of fire retardant spray, consider the fact that insurance companies are now beginning to dispatch crews to homes in wildfire areas which they have insured. These crews are coating the roof and the exterior of the home with PHOS-CHEK HOME DEFENSE Fire Retardant, as a means of protecting the home against the ravages of flames and embers. Clearly, the insurance companies would need to be convinced of the effectiveness of the spray before they would bear the expense of maintaining and dispatching crews to spray their clients’ homes.

This product is similar in design to the product used by firefighting agencies throughout the Midwest and the West, and you’ve probably seen it being dispensed from airplanes flying over areas impacted by wildfires. That version of the spray is red so it can be seen better by firefighters, whereas the home version of the product is clear, but it includes all the same firefighting components. The USDA Forest Service has successfully used this product for five decades now to protect lives and property from damage by wildfire.

Not only is it effective against retarding the progress of flames, it is a product which is safe for the environment, and which has long-term effectiveness. Whether it’s applied an hour before a wildfire arrives or several months prior, the product significantly increases the chances of your home surviving the wildfire. If you coat your home and the surrounding property before the wildfire season, that should last you the entire year and provide protection throughout the season.

The product continues to provide protection until heavy rains wash it away, but for most areas affected by wildfires, rain is a scarce commodity during the season, and that’s why so many wildfires are triggered in the first place. This particular product is highly effective because it has the capability of completely altering the flammability characteristic of wood and plants, providing them with a retardant which inhibits the spread of flames.

How Does it Help?

There are several products on the market which have varying degrees of effectiveness in fighting the flames of a wildfire. Basically, these products break down into three categories, which are foams, gels, and fire retardants. Gels have a limited lifespan, and are effective as long as they are moist, which will be for approximately six hours after application. Once it hardens and dries, a gel loses all effectiveness at retarding flames.

Foams tend to be biodegradable and are therefore safe for the environment, so they can be applied to any plants around your home without leaving stains or discoloration. Foams are considered to be safe products to use, although they are impractical for usage by firefighters on large wildfires. Fire retardant products are much more effective on large areas typically consumed by wildfire, and in the aftermath of a wildfire, some fire retardant products simply act as fertilizers for the environment.

Fire retardants lose their effectiveness when washed away by a heavy rain, but this fact is mitigated by the fact that areas affected by wildfires are typically dry for long stretches of time. In the case of the PHOS-CHEK HOME DEFENSE, it works by changing the dynamics which occur within a wildfire. Normally, a wildfire would pre-heat all the potential sources of fuel before it, for instance grasses, branches, and even the exterior of your home. Once those objects reach a sufficient temperature, gases will begin to combust, and it will ignite these new fuel sources.

This entire process is interrupted by the PHOS-CHEK HOME DEFENSE, because when heat reacts with the retardant, it forms carbon graphite and water on the surface of the object. The water will then be boiled off, which has the effect of cooling down the fire, and that leaves the carbon graphite to form a protective barrier around the object.

This in effect, forms a screen which prevents the wildfire from consuming your home or any of the objects which have been sprayed on your property. Until a heavy rain comes along to wash off that spray, it will remain in effect, providing protection for your home and property.

Defend Your Home From Damage

Wildfire defense sprays can definitely be effective in protecting your home and property from the smoke, embers, and flames which typically attend a wildfire. By interrupting the dynamics of a wildfire, flames can be retarded, and you’ll have a significantly better chance of saving your house and surrounding property when it has been sprayed with an effective retardant. Your efforts can be even more effective if you take prudent steps to eliminate possible fuel sources on your property which might serve as additional fuel for the wildfire.

If the rain does come along to wash away your wildfire defense spray, it will simply leech harmlessly into the ground to act as a fertilizer on your property. You would then have to re-apply the spray in order to maintain protection for your home and property, but it would be worth it so that you don’t lose everything. Contact us today to find out more about our PHOS-CHEK HOME DEFENSE fire retardant spray, or to place your order for the upcoming wildfire season.

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